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Panel Machinery Industry & Trading Co. Ltd. is an intenational hightech Company specialized in the production and in house design of various type scaffolding, formwork, container and steel structure products since 1990 and its one of the oldest established Company of its kind.Since its formation, PANEL has made a major contribution for its products through technical innovations and directing investments into research and developments. As a result of this outstanding business concepts, PANEL successfully rewarded ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certificate as a first leading Company in its sector.

Strong international focusing, formulated practical, economic and sophisticated system solutions, combined with continually updated quality awareness concept and costomer oriented services also form a significant part of our business operations. Becuase of these special futures, PANEL has become a pioneer in domestic and international market and exporting its high quality products to Balkans, Russia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and CSIR countries in big volumes by the contribution of effective and professional work force and very competitive quality and price PANEL plant and installations situated totaly 10,000 m2 area and 4,500 m2 closed 5,500 m2 open area and 35 km out side of the Ankara and employs 106 personel, Empowerment is widely practiced in Company and employees share a strong sense of responsibility.