Tunnel formwork system is a construction method that the walls and the slab are cast in a single operation.

With the Tunnel Formwork System the construction time is much shorte than of traditional method.

Several studies showed that almost 50 % of time are cut compared to traditional method. Much of the finishing works like plastering is eliminated trough a perfectly flat concrete surface. Paint, wallpaper or any decoration can be applied to the surface.

Exact and perfect measurements in the structure allows standardization and industrialization of the integrant construction element. The required structure materials and equipment can easly be carried to the construction site.

The simulteneous casting of walls, slabs and cross walls result in a ‘ Monolithic’ structure, which meets the requirements of building codes of countries located in Eartquake Zones. The system can be said to be most resistant system to Eartquakes. Neither demolished nor damaged buildings were reported after two intensive Eartquakes in Turkey.

Standard Tunnel Formwork Dimensions:

Height : 2.30 - 4 m
Length : 0.625 - 1.25 - 2.50 m Assembled and stiffened by a lifting beam up to a length of
12.5 m defending on the crane capacity.
Width : 1.05 - 1.35 - 1.65 - 1.95 - 2.25 - 2.55 - 2.85 m
With 28 different combinations these widths reveal standard tunnel formwork
dimensions between 2.10 and 5.70 m.

Dimensional possibilities are not restricted, but the use of standard units is recommended for cost advantage and reusing the forms in the future projects.

Tunnel Formwork demands expect these dimensions can be fulfilled with the production of special formworks by Panel Machinery.
Cost Cutting.A word that is tremendously important in the construction industry.With modern formwork systems,huge savings can be made.The most critical cost component on any site is the labour costs-and it is precisely these costs that efficient formworks can keep very low indeed.High performance formworksystems from Panel Machinery can thus help you to build faster,cut your costs.